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Capital Cares Microgrant Fund

The coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic is causing uncertainty and challenges for all of us  as we join in the public health responses of social isolation and other measures to  “flatten the curve.”

For Capital Community College students financial and personal burdens are growing in this crisis as so many balance work that may no longer be available, study and caring for family in pursuit of  their educations. While teaching and learning through distance learning continues,  new hardships will confront students in the immediate future.


The Capital Cares Fund addresses basic living expenses such as food or rent, utility or medical bills.  It will expand on college microgrants with tools for learning including tablets, laptops, books and costs related to distance learning for eligible students who otherwise won’t be able to participate.

Annual Scholarship


The Value of Giving To Capital Community College

Our students succeed despite daunting odds. Many juggle more than one job and are single parents. Some must worry about such basics as housing and food.


Capital, ranked one of the top 25 two-year colleges in the nation for adult learners (25 and up) by Washington Monthly, lowers the cost roadblock that so many people encounter in pursuit of college.


Your donation ensures that students get support to graduate and transfer to four year schools without debt.

Hartford Heritage Project
$ .00



Making Hartford Our Campus

The Hartford Heritage Project makes Hartford’s diverse cultural institutions, landmarks, and neighborhoods an extension of our classroom.

Take part with benefits that come with your Capital ID, One Note and One Play performances, place-based courses including nursing modules in art and history, Hartford History Lectures, and the Liberal Arts Action Lab.

At Capital, we are proud to be an important part of Hartford and we are excited to share the history, culture, and artistic life of Connecticut’s capital city with our students through place-based courses and special programming with our partner organizations.

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